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Visited For Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD )
I m Sanjay S. Vaidya. My father, Mr.Somakant Vaidya, 86, underwent Prostate surgery in November 2002. In 2014 his creatinine was border line high for which we met Dr.Sandip Bhurke. Kidneys were shrunk on both the sides. Dr.Bhurke gave supportive medicines to slow down deterioration of kidney function.. Now in 2019, creatinine is 3.0 and my father is quite healthy.Source:Practo

Shyam Jaiswal

Visited For Kidney Disease
I m Shyam Jaiswal. I m 34 year old. One year ago I developed urine infection. Testing showed wrong position of left kidney which was located just above my urinery bladder. 3 months back I met Dr sandip bhurke. On the basis of other investigation. It was Decided to remove the foulty kidney. On the basis of repeat testing Dr sandip bhurke canceled kidney removal and special DJ Stent was inserted to revieve the kidney. There after special surgery of pyloplasti was done. Since then I have no urine infection and my left kidney is saved. I have been instructed for life long 3 monthly testing by Dr sandip bhurkeSource:Practo

Saugat Bhattacharya

My father Mr. Sripad Bhattacharya was checked by Dr. Bhurke in 2010. My father had a rise in creatinine (2) and electrolyte disturbance due to urine medicine called as diaretics. Within a short time of talking to my father, Dr. Bhurke noticed less emotions on the face of my father. Further physical examination by Dr. Bhurke (which included walking straight) he came to an instantaneous diagnosis of a brain problem called as Parkinson’s disease. For the electrolyte problem Dr. Bhurke stopped the urine drug diaretic and advised increased salt intake. It really helped my father. Initially our family was surprised at the brain diagnosis but this was confirmed by brain doctors, neurologists. Later on the brain problem was corrected and my father is on regular brain medicines. Now there is a slow age related rise in creatinine (to 4). Dr. Bhurke has told us not to worry as the slow rise is going to happen and there is no need of urgent dialysis. Dr. Bhurke is still a topic of our family discussion, how a kidney doctor diagnosing a brain problem within minutes. It’s a miracle for us. It was a pleasure meeting you again for a general check up of my father.Source:Practo

Snehal Wad Joshi

Visited For Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD )
I am Dietitian Snehal Joshi working in Palghar- Boisar. My father in law Mr Vinod Joshi has weak Kidneys because of diabetes and hypertension. In 2017 Vinod had Poor health and creatinine was 4. Dr. Bhurke explained that Poor health is more problematic than high creatinine. Dr. Bhurke advised to increase the quality of nutrition and continued supportive medicine. Due to kidney problem blood pressure used to remain very high. Multiple blood pressure drugs required to continue same. Now Vinod has regained strength in the body. In 2018, Vinod required admission for Potassium control. As was predicted by Dr. Bhurke there has been natural slow rise in the creatinine. Dr. Bhurke has advised to later on AV fistula machine on the hand and prepare for future life long dialysis. We regularly travel from Palghar to Dr. Bhurke for OPD care.Source:Practo

Satyajeet Mukherjee

Visited For BP with Kidney Disease
I am Satyajeet Mukherjee from Mumbai and a BP patient. Since 2016 I had blood reports suggestive of minor rise in blood creatinine report. Dr Bhurke told me that there is no active kidney disease. He decided to postpone special needle test of kidney known as kidney biopsy. Since my report of urine protein was negative hence Dr. Bhurke allowed limited quantity intake of non vegetarian food. Dr. Bhurke gave supportive medicines and poweder and further advised on special vaccination. Slowly my blood report of creatinine reduced to normal level. I am under regular OPD follow up of Dr. Bhurke.Source:Practo

Sandesh Nagare

I am Sandesh Nagare working in South America, Argentina. My father Mr. Sukhdeo Nagare had creatinine 9.0 in 2013. Dr. Bhurke started hemodialysis for my father; further testing revealed shrunken kidneys. Dr. Bhurke counsulled our family that regular dialysis will be required for life long. Dialysis machine called A.V fistula was inserted on left hand by minor surgery. My father since then is on 3 per week dialysis. Even though I am in South America, I regularly interacts with Dr. Bhurke regarding my father health. My father does regular once a month blood report & follows up with Mr. Bhurke in his OPD.Source:Practo

Priyanka Khetle

In 2013, I underwent emergency cesarean section for delivery of my baby girl. During that time I developed severe intestine complication called as paralytic ileus. After trial of medicines, I was subject to major surgery to correct the intestine problem. I also developed pressure on my kidney called as ARF/AKI. My creatine was 3. Dr. Bhurke treated me & my kidney became fully normal. I was put on warfarin for blood cloth in my left shoulder. I am on regular follow up with Dr. Bhurke who saved my life.Source:Practo

Sagar Mansukhani

I am being treated by doctor sandeep burkhe since the past year and half he has been very honest about his opinions and treats me very nicely explains me what i should eat and what exactly is happening inside me i am finally fit now the best part about doctor burkhe is he has a practical experience about kidneys of nearly 18years now, he has been more like a family more like a elder brother to me, he is just one doctor whom i say... SEE YOU AGAIN bcoz i learn so much from him.. Thank you so muc dr. Sandeep Burkhe for treating me so wellSource:Practo

Pooja Bhaskar

Visited For Kidney Disease Treatment
My father Chittaranjan Bhaskar under went Kidney Bropsy in Feb'2016 but the biopsy report showed non-recoverable chronic changes. Creatinine in Feb'2016 was 5. In Sept'2016 we met Dr. Bhurke . Initially my father was having fear of dialysis and was on extreme strict diet. Dr. Bhurke calmed down my father by detailed explanation and liberalised his diet. Dr. Bhurke explained that good quality protein like fish donot harm the kidneys and fish should be taken in limited quantities . After eating fish , being a Bengoli , My father is now happy and his appetite is normal. Dr. Bhurke has predicted future need of dialysis , AV Fistula and Kidney Transplant for my father , Our family is now tension free because of Dr. Bhurke's support.Source:Practo

Nitin Popale

Visited For Kidney Failure
My wife Mrs.Seema Popale was admitted in Yashoda Hospital for delivery. Post delivery , she had got serious problem in both Kidneys. We shifted her in Thunga Hospital Mira raod. Dr. Bhurke treated my wife in ICU. She had both kidneys shut down after delivery of baby with very high creatinine 11. Dr . Bhurke gave immediate 'Blood plasma Pheresis'. Dr. Bhurke also did needle test of Kidney i.e KIDNEY BIOPSY. This report should diases of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. After this Dr.Bhurke Sir gave special treatment of Steroid for three months. Dialysis stopped after one month and after 6 month creatinine came down to normal. Now my wife is fully normal and is in good health condition. I am taking my wife to Dr. Bhurke Sir for regular kidney check up after every three months. Dr. Bhurke Sir had save my wife's life. For me, Dr.Bhurke is a another side of God. Thank you so much Sir......Source:Practo

Shivraj H

I am Shivraj H. while being in Italy I developed a pain in my toes called GOUT. This happened because of high blood Uric Acid hence came to Mumbai as India has the best medical facilities as well as best doctors. During my visit, Dr Bhurke examined me and provided update of my kidney health, as mild weakness of both kidneys leading to rise in Creatinine of 2.0. My high blood pressure (B.P.) was controlled by medicines prescribed by Dr. Bhurke. Dr. Bhurke has informed me that Creatinine would partially reduce after improvement in B. P. and Uric Acid. Dr. Bhurke also prescribed me a detailed Vaccination schedule. I would return from Europe for regular Dr Bhurke consultation. I would also like to recommend my friends and colleagues to consult Dr Bhurke for any B.P. and Kidney related health issues.Source:Practo


Visited For Urinary Tract Infection
I would like to recommend Dr. Sandip Bhurke to patients suffering from Kidney and urinary track infections. My father is undergoing his treatment for urinary track infection, and was admitted to hospital in an emergency condition. Our cardiologist recommended Dr. Bhurke to us, and it gives me immense pleasure to share that accurate diagnosis was done and my father gradually recovered. I must say, Dr. Bhurke has a good hand in diagnosis, and is accessible to emergency calls and messages. He has a positive approach towards his patients. I would urge to kidney patients and their relatives to visit Dr. Bhurke at least once, and get themselves cured. Thanks.Source:Practo

Rajesh H Sawant

My father who is 77 years old had a urine problem and he has to go to toilet frequently. Also he had uncontrollable sensation and pain. He therefore consulted Dr Sandip Bhurke and after thorough investigation advised my father certain medicine. With those medicines my father's problem is completely solved and he is able to control the urine for longer period. Earlier my father had to go to toilet 2 / 3 times during night, but now even after 8 hrs of sleep he has no problem. Therefore I strongly recommend to the patients who have Kidney problem should consult Dr Sandip Bhurke. Dr. Bhurke has a pleasing personality and he treats the patient with cool mind. What ever and how much ever queries the patient has, Dr Bhurke explains about the same to the satisfaction of the patient. My father is very happy and completely satisfied with the treatment of Dr Sandip Bhurke.Source:Practo


Visited For Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD )
I am Ratikant Chand ,had acute diarrhoria followed by rise in creatinine .Dr Bhurke checked me and predicted that in 15days ,my creatinine would be normal.He suggested not to do any unnecessary testing and not to do any unnecessary diet restrictions. As predicted,my creatinine is now fully normal exactly within 15days. I would recommend to visit Dr Bhurke because of the following reasons :
  1. Positive attitude towards well being of patient .
  2. Do not panicked the patient prescribing unnecessary tests
  3. Do not take serious views without checking in details
  4. As a patient,even there is a serious illness,if doctor takes it easy and give you mental strength,half the illness will disappear.

shailesh kashte

Best doctor in Mumbai for any type of Kidney related ailments.I went for one Kidney issue and the problem was treated properly and have been following up since then.Source:Google

Dr. Suraj Pathak

I am Dr Suraj Pathak. Dr Sandip Bhurke checked my mother Shantidevi three years ago and advised AV fistula and dialysis. She is now on regular dialysis at Railway Hospital and follows up with Dr Bhurke in OPD.In my observation Sir Dr Bhurke gives sufficient time to patient for checkup. In my opinion he is very polite with good knowledge..Source:Google

Mukesh Vishwakarma

One of the best doctor for Kidney disease in Mumbai.He treated my brother Mahesh Vishwakarma with utmost care and also provided 24*7 help.You can blindly rely on this doctor and he is easily accessible on mobile. He is also available on appointment in many of the big hospitals on western line so it becomes easier to reach him.Thanks a ton......Bhurke Sir for giving a helping hand in critical situation.Source:Google

Reetu Gurbaxani

My father Mohan . Boolani is 82 yrs old. Due to Diabetes and Hypertension, he had weak kidneys and a creatinine of 3 in 2017. We met Dr Bhurke in Sept 2018 when his creatinine rose to 4. On supportive medicines Creatinine came down to 3. Vaccination for adult kidney patients was advised.In December 2018 , my father had pneumonia and Creatinine rose to 5 but because of poor health temporary dialysis was given in local hospital by another nephrologist . This was the time that my family realised the importance of vaccination in adults. Later on under care of Dr Bhurke, my father is off Dialysis . Dr Bhurke has advised future permacath ( special Dialysis catheter). We are contacting Dr Bhurke almost daily about my father's health. We are planning to complete the vaccination schedule as soon as possible.Source:Google

Niketan Mhatre

I visited Dr. Bhurke on the referral from friend to check my father about a year ago. My father is 65 years old and having increased BP and diabetes issue. Over the period, he developed high levels of Creatinine(3+). After first treatment, within 6 months Creatinine level fall back to normal. Doctor is very friendly to talk despite busy schedule and listen to every small details of patients. I am amazed at his work ethics and always smiling personality helps a lot. My father is happy to travel for more than 2 hours for regular checkup.Source:Google


My father Rambachan Tiwari is diabetic patient in 2011 he had severe urine infection with weakness of kidney and creatinine of 2.0 Dr Bhurke treated my father with normal antibiotic followed by special long term low dose antibiotic called as urinary antisepsis. Slowly my father recovered and creatinine came to normal 0.9 .Due to fluctuating sugars, my father still gets occassional urinary infection. Dr. Bhurke treats my father promptly and completely every time.Source:Google

ashish sarfare

My father Mr Tukaram Sarfare is of age 87 yrs now.In 2012,Dr Bhurke had treated him for ARF (Acute renal failure) with high creatnine of 3.00 due to infection (cellulitis) and dysentry.After treatment of Dr Bhurke creatnine came down to 1.3. Slowly due to age creatnine has slowly rusen to 2.5.My father is under regular followup of Dr Bhurke and is in good health.Source:Google

pritesh lad

Dr Bhurke is one of the best nephrologist in Mumbai under which my Father Harkishan Lad is been examined. There has been good change in my father health after visiting to Dr Bhurke's Clinic. Slow and Gradually he is recovering under his Examination.Source:Google

Nitin Howal

My Mother Nalini Howal is not a Diabetic patient and has small left side non functioning kidney.3years ago she got a severe urine infection UTI leading to weak right side Kidney . Dr.Bhurke treated her and her reports became normal thereafter my mother had occasional recurrence of urine infection which Dr Bhurke treated immediately.since the episodes resolved my mother did not required long-term Urinary antisepsis antibiotics My Mother is now on regular treatment of Dr Bhurke and is Healthy Ty DoctorSource:Google