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Visited For Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD )
I m Sanjay S. Vaidya. My father, Mr.Somakant Vaidya, 86, underwent Prostate surgery in November 2002. In 2014 his creatinine was border line high for which we met Dr.Sandip Bhurke. Kidneys were shrunk on both the sides. Dr.Bhurke gave supportive medicines to slow down deterioration of kidney function.. Now in 2019, creatinine is 3.0 and my father is quite healthy.Source:Practo

Shyam Jaiswal

Visited For Kidney Disease
I m Shyam Jaiswal. I m 34 year old. One year ago I developed urine infection. Testing showed wrong position of left kidney which was located just above my urinery bladder. 3 months back I met Dr sandip bhurke. On the basis of other investigation. It was Decided to remove the foulty kidney. On the basis of repeat testing Dr sandip bhurke canceled kidney removal and special DJ Stent was inserted to revieve the kidney. There after special surgery of pyloplasti was done. Since then I have no urine infection and my left kidney is saved. I have been instructed for life long 3 monthly testing by Dr sandip bhurkeSource:Practo

ashish sarfare

My father Mr Tukaram Sarfare is of age 87 yrs now.In 2012,Dr Bhurke had treated him for ARF (Acute renal failure) with high creatnine of 3.00 due to infection (cellulitis) and dysentry.After treatment of Dr Bhurke creatnine came down to 1.3. Slowly due to age creatnine has slowly rusen to 2.5.My father is under regular followup of Dr Bhurke and is in good health.Source:Google

pritesh lad

Dr Bhurke is one of the best nephrologist in Mumbai under which my Father Harkishan Lad is been examined. There has been good change in my father health after visiting to Dr Bhurke's Clinic. Slow and Gradually he is recovering under his Examination.Source:Google