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Premier Health Care and Kidney Care Destination in Mumbai, India. Centrally sitauted in Andheri Lokhandwala near the International Airport.

Prabhakar Bhurke Clinic is one of the few Personalised Kidney Clinics with its own Kidney Doctor Nephrologist providing Nephrology Services in Mumbai City.

The vision of providing High Quality Health Care for Kidneys in affordable cost by Mr Prabhakar Bhurke inspired Dr Sandip Bhurke to establish Prabhakar Bhurke Clinic First Branch in 2014.

The mission is also supported by Dr Mrs Sheetal Bhurke MBBS who has experience in Health Promotion and Preventive Care Vaccination.

Associate Doctor is Dr Rahul Bahot Pulmonologist Chest Medicine and TB Tuberculosis Specialist Consultant

CoronaVirus COVID19 Update

For Home Visits and Consultations in Mumbai area For Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Transplant Patients. Home Treatment by nurse may be arranged if possible for less serious Patients. By prior Appointment 24/7

Pre Arranged Video Consultation and Telephonic Consultation also available

Prabhakar Bhurke Clinic is also open Daily from 4pm to 10pm. Kindly come only after prior confirmation of appointment for physical body check up. Prabhakar Bhurke Clinic is responding to the CoronaVirus COVID19 Pandemic with Social Distancing measures and OPD Disinfection measures for the enhanced safety of our patients and relatives. Dr Sandip Prabhakar Bhurke Kidney Doctor Nephrologist is implementing strict Face Mask Usage.

Hand Sanitiser is available for all visitors.


  • Sebastian Fernandes

    Dr. Sandip Bhurke is a very good doctor. He answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. There are no unanswered questions, doubts, or confusion. I have complete trust in his evaluations and treatment. Would not go anywhere other than Dr Bhurke.

  • Priyanka Khetle

    In 2013, I underwent emergency cesarean section for delivery of my baby girl. During that time I developed severe intestine complication called as paralytic ileus. After trial of medicines, I was subject to major surgery to correct the intestine problem. I also developed pressure on my kidney called as ARF/AKI. My creatine was 3. Dr. Bhurke treated me & my kidney became fully normal. I was put on warfarin for blood cloth in my left shoulder. I am on regular follow up with Dr. Bhurke who saved my life.

  • Sagar Mansukhani

    I am being treated by doctor sandeep burkhe since the past year and half he has been very honest about his opinions and treats me very nicely explains me what i should eat and what exactly is happening inside me i am finally fit now the best part about doctor burkhe is he has a practical experience about kidneys of nearly 18years now, he has been more like a family more like a elder brother to me, he is just one doctor whom i say... SEE YOU AGAIN bcoz i learn so much from him.. Thank you so muc dr. Sandeep Burkhe for treating me so well

  • Kusum Tailor

    I had a problem of increased creatinine .I went to many doctors but didn't get relief after that i met to Dr bhurke .He gave me assurance that he will solve my kidney problem...nd yess he did.By getting his treatment my creatinine reached to the normal level.I got recovered within 3 years.He is a very good in nature and humble too who treats his patiences very well. I would recommand Dr bhurke for all kidney patiences and many many thanks to him.

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Distinction in Microbiology subject during MBBS

Dr Bhurke was part of Teaching Faculty of Medical College in Nair Hospital Mumbai Central, retired as Associate Professor of Nephrology. Was teaching DM and DNB Nephrology and MD Medicine Students.

Dr Bhurke is a Certified ZTCC Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee Volunteer Speaker and Motivator on Brain Stem Death and Organ Donation. Dr. Bhurke distributes Organ Donor Cards and Kidney Donor Cards.

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Kidney Introduction

Kidney Introduction Information Basic Functions

Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis Basic Information and Indications for Need of Dialysis

Diabetic Nephropathy

Dr. Sandip Bhurke Talks About Diabetic Nephropathy

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Information Structure Anatomy of Kidney

Educational Video

Function Physiology of Kidney

Educational Video

Symptoms Body Problems Kidney Disease

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Kidney and Dialysis CME

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Organ Donation Awareness

Organ Donation

Lifeline With Dr. Bhurke On Organ donation

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